With advent of streaming media and dawn of the IoT era, operators have searched for methods to cost-effectively deploy and deliver the high-speed bandwidth that homeowners and businesses are demanding. To address this, the telecommunications industry is offering Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON – Fiber Optics) technology as an alternative to Ethernet (GbET – Copper). The general assertion about GPON is that it cuts floor space and electrical usage (power) compared to traditional copper networks.

For GPON, Axia NAND Flash Technology is helping solve storage challenges. Its flexible solutions with small footprint and low-density support multiple standards and networks that enable diverse IoT driven applications.

GPON Topology.png

Optical Line Terminals (OLT)
OLTs are primarily located in a Central Office and are responsible for converting electrical signals to optical signals.

Optical Splitters divide an incoming light source to multiple paths and fan in or multiplex fiber optical signals.

Optical Network Terminals (ONT)
ONTs convert the optical media from the OLT to an electrical format that interfaces to the subscriber’s network.


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